The Duo Behind Suindá: The new action/adventure comic you need to read.

Travis Huber’s son is a huge fan of Ghostbusters, which is how the unlikely duo, Travis and Emiliano Correa, met.

While searching for an artist to work with him on another project, Travis stumbled on an image of the Ghostbusters that he thought would be perfect to buy for his son.

“I contacted the artist to ask about purchasing a print of the piece. It was Emiliano. He had no idea why I would want to pay him for the art. He even offered to just send me the files free of charge so that I could print it out here. So I had him send me the files and I paid him anyway,” Huber said. “That’s how it all started.”

The international team started work on Suinda, an action/adventure comic that draws on mythology from Correa’s country of Argentina.

With 40 supporters in nine countries, the first issue raised and surpassed its $500 goal on Kickstarter.

“You have to engage with the other creators, even ones not in your genre or field,” Huber said. “Then you have to be engaging with your backers. The more real you are and the less like a salesman, the better.”

Despite their positive Kickstarter experience, Huber admits that breaking into the comic industry as independent comic creators has definitely been an uphill, slow process.

It took him six years of hard work and dedication before his first book was published. The end product, he says, has made it all completely worthwhile.

“When you hold your book in your hands and smell the fresh ink and hear the pages rustle as you flip through it,” he said. “You can see the physical manifestation of your ideas, thoughts and dreams.”

Suinda, produced in both English and Spanish, is more than your average adventure comic, splicing in socio-political and ecological commentary to make it all the more satisfying.

“The Mboi, an ancient and evil race has returned and subverted mankind and made them cattle to be fed upon. But a small group of resistance fighters are struggling to save what’s left of humanity. But they won’t be able to do it alone,” Huber said. “They’ll need the aid of the only force to ever defeat this evil. They will need the Suinda – an eternal warrior spirit that comes to the aid of mankind in their hour of need.”

Suinda is expected to be a seven-issue series. The second issue is anticipated around Christmas and will introduce a new host of characters for both sides of the fight.


If you’re interested in checking out Suinda, head over to where you can order a digital copy of the first issue. For more up-and-coming info on the series and issue 2 updates, be sure to check out their Facebook.


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