ZoloCon 2017 At The Fuge

At 9 o’ clock, this past Saturday morning, the doors to Zolocon, Toy and Comic Expo, opened in the historic building turned event space, the Fuge.

The Event space, the Fuge, was originally, as the new owner Sam explains, “it was built by the navy back in the 40’s to test the human on G-forces, and at the time they didn’t know what the body could withstand, so they built the biggest possible thing they could build. This thing does 40 Gs, the biggest one in the world.”

Sam bought the building in 2007 as an office building, and didn’t know what to do with the space that held the massive Centrifuge. Eventually the space, which according to Sam, “NASA used it for early astronaut training… so every man who ever stepped on the moon, any famous astronaut you can think of came here for their G-force testing,” has become a venue for special events. Whether it’s a wedding, a benefit, a mitzvah, or a convention, they have all been there.

The most recent event, Zolocon, which boasts to be the largest Toy and Comic Expo in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, had too many people passing through that those giving out tickets had no idea how many tickets they sold, and that’s not even counting the kids that went in for free. The event hall was teeming with shoppers looking to finish a collection, cosplayers taking pictures, and vendors talking about their product.

Chris Dempsey, one of such vendors, was at the Con talking about his new web series, or as he explains, “Broken Road is about a man who is convicted of a murder he did not commit, in a world where magic has been outlawed.” Dempsey also writes with an artist Marc Faulk on the series The Shägal, which takes place in the same world as Broken Road. (This is definitely a story to look out for)

Among other writers and artists were comic shops and private collectors selling their toys, comics and collected video games. Zolocon proved to be an amazing event in an equally amazing venue. Check out their Facebook page to keep an eye out for next year’s event.


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