Christy Sloat and Her Road to The Survival Pact Book Signing

Inside The Spot, an antiques mall on Landis Avenue in Vineland, New Jersey, Christy Sloat sits at a table with her 11th book, The Survival Pact, and a plate of cookies.

The road to this table was one like any novel with ups and downs; comedy and tragedy. Sloat started writing when she was 12 years old and spending a lot of time at her grandmother’s. “And my Grandma being the supportive person she was like ‘We’re going to send this to a publisher, this is a really great story.’ Well she sent it to scholastic and they sent…a letter back, saying ‘tell her not to give up, and to keep writing.’ I always held on to that,” Sloat explains. “So I always kind of dabbled and then my first book, The Many Lives of Avery Snow, I wrote that when I was pregnant with my second daughter and I got published in 2009.”

Being a writer is challenging on its own because it often doesn’t amount to much financially unless you get in with a big publishing company. Sloat, as she was starting out, learned a lesson about publishers very quickly.

“When I first started finding publishers, I found this publisher, and they promised me so much and they published the book, and then they never paid me, they up and disappeared,” Sloat explains. “Luckily I got my rights back, had to get a lawyer involved, but I never got my money because that would have been a long process. So then I found another publisher, Anchor Group, they were great, they’ve been great for many years and they put me back on the shelves.”

Beyond finding a good publisher a writer needs to be disciplined, and they “have to want it,” as Sloat says. “You have to schedule things and in order to make time for writing you have to make sure everything else is done. Cause if you don’t have a clear head and if its not quiet enough you’re not going to be focused on your story and your story’s going to be crappy. So, its tough and its challenging.”

But through those challenges Sloat has found serious success in her writing. Her book, The Brown House, reached the bestseller list on Amazon. She laughs as she describes the work as, “labor of love, I really wrote the book in three months, that doesn’t seem like a really long time, but three months of writing and then several months of editing, so it’s like having a baby.”

She also found international success with her book, Slumber, when she hit the international bestseller list on Amazon, which made her go online and cry in front of the Internet in her happiness.

Now, She sits meeting with people, talking about her books, but also getting to know them and who they are. Despite the amount of people that showed up to the book signing on Saturday, each person will remember their time talking to Sloat.

Check out Christy Sloat’s work on her website and on Amazon.

Also check out Sloat’s newest book, The Survival pact.

The Survival pact is the story of three friends who have to survive after demons invade the earth, it’s a trip across the United States to get to Washington State where there’s a cabin where they know they can survive. Its kind of in the middle of nowhere. It’s the story of friendship and surviving in the worst possible time.”



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