New Pitman Gallery and Art Center Opens to Massive Crowd

Outside the gallery, it was cold and windy. Inside, it was warm, and filled with people, food, and wine.

“We’re not gallery owners, we’re artists, and we’re interested in promoting other artists, so we did some preliminary research and then we just kind of took a leap,” Tina Magonagle explained as guests complimented the space.

Magonagle is one of four people that helped bring the Pitman Gallery and Art Center into its space on Broadway. At 7pm, Friday evening, The Gallery opened its doors for the first time. Tables of food and drink as well as the reigning Miss Stars and Stripes, Ashley Kulikowski, greeted a steady stream of guests.

Pitman Resident looks at the work of Chuck Hosier (photo/Evan Liss)

“We did the Art Stroll last September, we did that…not consciously as a test, but we did it and it was really sucessful. After doing that we realized the town was really interested” Magonagle explained.

The Gallery’s first show featured three artists, Robert Hochgertel, Chuck Hosier, and Scott Kirschner.

Kirschner, who has another show in the same space planed for November, talked about his work with guests.

Scott Kirschner stand in front of his work (Photo/Evan Liss)

“A lot of my art is based off of life experience, the piece that’s up in the corner with the pins and needles, when I was a young child I had a blood cancer, and I was in isolation for six months and that’s what I felt like from all the blood tests and the needles I was getting. That’s where that piece came from,” Kirschner explained.

Though many of Kirschner’s pieces have a dark edge to them, there is a beauty in the dark.

“I try to find something beautiful in these dark, maybe hopeless moments. I have a piece…there’s an armless women looking up into the tree and the tree is growing arms…she has to wait for autumn for the arms to fall to the ground before she can retrieve them…and all that piece is about is having patience and waiting for things to come to you in life. So, not every piece I do is doom and gloom.”

The theme of the guests’ reactions seemed to be awe. The transformation of the space from its former state into the elegant gallery space was astounding. The night was a resounding success.

“It feels really great, it hasn’t really hit me yet, you know, everyone is enjoying it so much, but it will I’m sure,” Magonagle explained. “I wish I could slow it down, so I could enjoy it some more.”

The Pitman Gallery and Art Center will host a show every month, but will also hold classes ranging from photography and drawing to creative writing and poetry.


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