South Jersey Book Expo Brings Writers and Readers Together at the Deptford Mall

On Saturday March 11, the Deptford Mall hosted South Jersey Book Expo, where independent authors and publishers showed off their stories and signed books.

The event was organized by Ronnie Dawson of Broken Bars Publishing who explained, “I’ve been publishing since 2009, I’ve been to other events, and I wanted to have my own.”

In the middle of the Deptford Mall near the busy Starbucks, authors like Dawson met with fans and those just those passing by. The Expo contained all the normal staples of a bookstore: the children’s books, the mystery section, the religious section, the science fiction section, the general fiction section, and the business section.

One author, Debra (Debbie) Stout, writes about miracles. She collects testimonials from people all over the country, which she put into her book, Continued Miracles: Inspiring Testimonies of God at Work in the Lives of Everyday People.

Debra Stout standing behind her table at the South Jersey Book Expo (Photo/Evan Liss)

Derrick T. Billups , Sr. was on the second floor talking with people about their financial futures. As President of The Foundation for Financial Fitness Inc., Billups’s mission is to educate as many people as possible, building brighter futures through education.

On the opposite side of the Expo area, William Howard, and his wife, Bonnie, promoted his first novel The Eye of Hermes: A Minerva Novel. This was Howard’s first book signing for the new novel, but another one planned for Aprill 22nd is at the Book Asylum Used Bookstore in Blackwood, NJ.

At the table next to Howard, Tom Minder sat talking about his new novel, The Long Harbor Testament. Minder started to explain his novel in the same attention grabbing way as the synopsis on the back of the novel, “Father Jim has a gambling problem, a girlfriend, and his brother Gabe just killed his bookie.”

These are just a few of the authors that came out to the event. Dawson created something amazing this Saturday: he gave all the authors a place to promote their work to a completely new audience.


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