David Stubee and Music on YouTube

David Stubee started posting music to his YouTube page two years ago with an original song called Sleep Sweet. Stubee decided to learn how to play guitar when he was ten years old to accompany his singing.

David Stubee checking sound in his earliest recording set up. (Photo/Evan Liss).

“The first thing I learned was probably some kind of waltz. A very, very simple three-string waltz, just for learning the notes, and that’s it,” David explains.

Having grown up on a lot of classic rock and folk-like music, the first song Stubee learned to play was Peaceful Easy Feeling by the Eagles so he could play and sing at family gatherings. Over time, his music preferences have changed, but he has always held on to the folk sound of people like Ray LaMontagne.

David Stubee preparing to record in old recording space. (Photo/Evan Liss)

“In the past I used to listen to a lot of Green Day and stuff like that, and that’s really where my singing interests started,” Stubee explains, “but since then I’ve kind of grown beyond just a punk-rock genre, and I really tend to gravitate towards a lot of easy listening. Stuff like: John Mayer or Ray LaMontagne.”

David Stubee working on an original song in his basement. (Photo/Evan Liss)

This type of music has helped to shape the style in which he writes his own songs. A task Stubee, serious yet laughing, describes as painful because the music he writes comes from experience. Beyond that, there are also others that make self-creation difficult: things like equipment, maintenance, proper set-up, and still being able to live while working on a “labor of love.”

David Stubee setting up a recording outside while the sun sets. (Photo/Evan Liss)

It is also a struggle to meet the standard of quality he has set himself to put something online. Stubee explains that, “recording by myself…it can take anywhere from ten minutes if I get a good run, or it could take five hours to record a song, and get the quality that I want. I would retake songs over and over and over again in order to be satisfied with their final product because there is a certain pickiness that you have to have if you’re going to be bring music to people and you want them to enjoy it.”

According to Stubee, the best thing you can do for an artist like him or any YouTuber you like is to share their content. He explains, “people have this amazing networking ability that we have right at our finger tips every single day, and every single phone and computer we touch, but we don’t really use it to help each other.”

David Stubee doing a sound check in his new recording space (Photo/Evan Liss)

Stubee is hoping to have an EP/Full CD out by the end of the year, so to stay updated on that and his video uploads, check out his Facebook Page and his YouTube page.


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