Reactions To The U.S. Withdrawal From The Paris Agreement

This week, President Donald Trump has withdrawn the United States from the Paris Agreement. This voluntary agreement has been described a “Historic Turning point” for the United Nations and the world, and aims to keep the planet from warming two degrees Celsius higher than pre-industrial levels over the next century, or as the Unfccc website states:

“The Paris Agreement, in seeking to strengthen the global response to climate change, reaffirms the goal of limiting global temperature increase to well below 2 degrees Celsius, while pursuing efforts to limit the increase to 1.5 degrees.”

The biggest problem facing the Paris Agreement in the United States is Donald Trump and His supporter’s War on science and fact. Neil deGrasse Tyson has said that “the good thing about science is that it’s true whether you believe in it or not.” Studies show that Climate Change is a very real thing, and that it is man made. Any assertion to the contrary is based either in ignorance or in petty defiance.

Currently, We have a president that believes that Climate change is a hoax created by China. This nationalist has decided to remove the United States from a global initiative to save the planet, a plan, which aimed to fix the mistakes we have made along the way. But, the choice makes sense to Tyson, as he explains in this tweet:

In this video, the Channel 2Veritasium goes through and challenges five of the top reasons stated by those who wish to leave the Paris Agreement.

Two things have happened in the wake of Trump’s decision, one bad, and one good.

The Bad News:

Following Trump’s first trip abroad, where he looked for the most part, like he was forever at the back of the line at the DMV, and his withdrawing of the Paris agreement, it is clear to the international community that they cannot rely on The U.S. We are losing standing in the global theatre, but that seems to be the goal, considering the fact that Trump believes the trip was a complete success.

The Good News:

Despite Trump’s decision on the Paris Agreement, many Mayors and Governors have stated that they will continue to move towards their goals of emission reduction. This is what we need to do: Find your representatives, your Mayor, your Governor and urge them to support the Paris Agreement with or without the federal government.

For further exploration on the Paris Agreement, I would start with the VlogBrothers video on it. It is features a good overview of the Agreement itself and the implications of the U.S. withdrawal.


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